Vinyl and Transfer Printing

This process is used on small runs. Please see below for additional information.

Premium Flex Vinyl

High quality polyurethane film with a matte, reflection free surface laminated with a heat sealing adhesive. Excellent opacity and elasticity, perfect for sports and leisure wear decoration. The self-adhesive polyester liner allows repositioning if needed. 

Washable up to 60 degree Celsius and suitable for dry cleaning. No set up fees which makes this very cost effective and ideal for names & numbers. Drawback is you have a set colour pallet to choose from and can’t always match to Pantone Colour ref’s.

reflectra® - out of the dark Vinyl

At first glance a regular textile, on second a bright shining piece of lifestyle!

Seen in full daylight, caught by the headlights of a passing car or admired in the darkness of your favourite club, reflectra® always delivers a stunning performance.


High quality heat transfer rayon flock with high density fibres. Perfect for sports and leisurewear decoration. Washable up to 60 degree Celsius and also suitable for dry cleaning. Superb soft touch. Wash textiles inside out. No set up fees makes this cost effective. 

TTC Textile Transfer

A full colour print method for application onto white or pastel colour fabrics and textiles. Coated formula provides the ultimate soft feel and durability. Transfers can be ironed directly to enhance colours when washed. It does leave a film on the garment but has no set up charges and therefore very cost effective. Cannot print white with this method.

OBM Dark Textile Transfer

For full colour images onto dark garments or fabrics. Single step process. Supports fine detailing. Can only be washed a low temperature and not tumble dried. No set up charges for this method however, good quality artwork is required.